Danceland Dancewear is fully qualified Pointe Shoe fitters and has the pleasure of fitting first pairs to professionals from all over the world, this is something that we take great pride in and retrain every year to maintain our highly respected reputation and service.

Danceland believes that it is important to be fitted by a qualified pointe fitter whom you feel comfortable with and able to ask any questions you may have and also be given some pointe shoe knowledge.

There is so much about health in dance and dance shoes that are associated with bone deformities, such as bunions, claw toes etc and Danceland feel that it is simply unacceptable to be badly fitted.

Danceland believes that it is so important to have a properly fitting pair of Pointe Shoes that we never sell a pair without a fitting or refitting, to be able to find the technical performance and best fit each dancer is treated as an individual by Danceland to determine what strength, fit and shape is required.

Please feel free to Contact Danceland for further information or to book pointe fittings individually or group fittings.

Please note when attending a pointe fitting at Danceland please wear tights, trim and tidy toenails and bring previous pointe shoes and foot protection if you have been on pointe before. 

Pointe Fitting Appointment Form